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Tiny stitches and vintage beads

I spent a marvelous evening with the lovely ladies of In Stitches, the Hull and surrounding areas knitting group. We consumed drinks and cakes, talked about knitting and mocked some delightfully 1980s era animal motif jumpers.

I did a few repeats on my portable WiP, a Ravenclaw PoA style scarf and then got down to business with the more time consuming WiP, Baby’s First Tattoo. The tiny stitches and I are getting on well but man, knitting in the round spoils me! All the smoothness of stocking stitch and none of the tedious purling. I don’t mind purling though, it’s just the monotony of stocking stitch. At least the bit I’m working on now has a 4 stitch seed stitch border to keep me awake.

WiP: Baby's First Tattoo (back) knitting 063

I also made a set of stitchmarkers out of the beads I reclaimed. These beads came from necklaces given to me by my granmother as a child, so they’re vintage beads with added memories. The black beads are lovely but the necklace itself was horrible, so I’m glad I can reuse them.

I also made a set of earrings for myself out of some lovely greeny-blue beads Jam sent me and some square glass beads I picked up while splurging online. So shiny!

Stitchmarkers: Vintage black and pearl Earrings: Green and Clear

And now to go and consult my camera manual for tips on shooting with the Macro because the stitchmarker shot turned out fabulously but the earrings mocked me. Sigh.

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