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Blast from the craft past

I’m about to dash down to London again, this time for flathunting (aieeee!) and and Jam is currently bound for Sweden for a week, so there will be silence here for a wee bit.

But I leave you with something I found while sorting boxes: a blast from my crafty past.

Sewing: Sunflower Cushion (front)

Carefully sewn together – complete with terrible hand sewing after stuffing – at Primary school in South Africa, in Arts and Crafts. There’s a small treasure trove of this sort of stuff in boxes somewhere, from another cusion that was much beloved of my first cat to a skirt that I repeatedly sewed to myself (don’t ask) in Home Ec in Ireland.

I like this cushion still, the pattern on the material is lovely (the back is the solid sunflower material) and I have added it to the cushions on my bed.

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