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Preserving and WIPs

It all went silent on my end due to packing (the great move to London is in t-minus 20 days and I am but halfway through the packing, urgh) and a sudden (although temporary) return to the world of Barwenching. Oh local pub, with your very very very old regulars that spend their lives drinking and hitting on the barstaff.

I have been busy outside of these things though. I’ve had two commissions for stitch markers recently which has kept me occupied, the WIPs on needles seem to be multiplying when I turn around and I’ve been dabbling in the art of preserving!

Jam! I’m particularly proud of the preserving as it’s been something I’ve wanted to try for ages but previous thought was too complicated. But, after a bumper harvest of blackberries from the local woods, I followed the really simple recipe in How to be a Domestic Goddess and ended up with four jars of Blackberry jam.

Only three remain as the fourth jar was opened as soon as they’d cooled down sufficiently so we could taste them. I’m very pleased with the way it came out, tart but still sweet and with bits of fruit still remaining.

I’ve also made four other preserving/bottling related items but they’ve all been ermarked as presents and at least two of the people read this blog! :seals lips:

I can show what’s on the needles though!

Knitting: WIP French Fancy First up is yet another baby cardi. I’ve become far too fond of knitting baby garments. It’s all the fun of a whole item but with only half the knitting! This one is the French Fancy from July’s Simply Knitting and is actually a bit more advanced than the picture is. I’m halfway through the collar and then all that’s left is sewing it up and adding the buttons. This one is also going to my smallest cousin in New Zeland.

Knitting: WIP Camisole And also on the needles is the camisole from August’s Simply Knitting. I’m knitting it in the pattern yarn, which is Elle’s Cotton Fields and it’s the first time I’ve knitted with cotton. I must say, I love the drape and feel of the yarn.

I’ve been knitting this one while watching TV because once you get into the pattern, it’s pretty mindless. I’ve already started the decreases so it’s downhill from here on until I hit the crochet needed to join it up. Er.

Banana Bread Plus, the sock that continues to mock me is still around (Cursed heel!) as is the prototype for my knitted puddlejumper, which is waiting for me to finish the baby cardi so it can snaffle some of that yarn.

And the temperature changes have meant that I’ve been churning out Banana Bread like it’s going out of fashion, so all in all the crafty side of life is still going strong.

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