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WIP: Top Down Cardi

WIP: Easy Top Down Raglan

The fruits of a lazy Sunday afternoon. I have done very little today, other than cook (blueberry pancakes, artichoke and garlic butter), cast on on Cosmicpluto‘s easy top down raglan cardi and knit my way through a rewatching of American Beauty and Garden State (two films that I think share a theme; discovery and change.) I was going to start watching Amelié but then I noticed the time and sadly, it’s Monday tomorrow. Alas!

But at least I have something to knit on my commute.

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  1. […] Woe, I had to frog what I’d done on the top down cardi because I’d screwed up the maths on the conversion from Aran weight to DK and not even the magic of top down raglan could save me. After sulking for a few days, I frogged it and rewound the skein. […]