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[Meg] Buttons and pins

I went for a wander today, down to the V&A, which is my favourite of the London museums and I’m very lucky to live close to it. I was mostly hunting for presents for a couple upcoming birthdays because the V&A store has so many lovely and unusual things in it. I managed to find both the presents and some items that had strangely attached themselves to my shopping. I just had to take them home, of course and tip them into a jar.

I’m particularly fond of the sewing themed buttons and the crayon buttons but the teeny, tiny buttons are also high up there.

Pin Cushion

The rest of my afternoon was taken up with a walk through Hyde Park, the purchasing of an ironing board (haaaaaaaa!), which required me to walk home with it clutched under one arm and then some time spent at my sewing machine, getting some more practice in, particularly in regards to seams and the straightness thereof. I have signed up for a sewing course in January, so I want to be far more comfortable with sewing by then than I am now.

Out of my practising came a useful item though. It’s a pincushion, the pattern (in so much that there is one) comes from Diana Rupp’s Sew Everything, which Jam brought me awhile ago. It’s a very helpful book and I am looking forward to making quite a few of the patterns with my shiny new pincushion by my side!

Knitting wise, I am alllllmoooost finished my Cherry (by Anna Bell), just one and bit sleeves and the ribbing to go. I have also signed up for the Knitting Goddess’ sock club after Sadie linked to it (I am so weeeaaaaak!), so I am looking forward to getting squashy parcels through the post soon.

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