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Hello 2011

*draws curtain over usual silence*

Things, things I am making in 2011!

Cotton reel mittens

Cotton Reel Mittens by Ysolda, in some of my treasured Sheldridge Farm 3ply, Mash Mallow (yellow) and Pussywillow (grey). These are my first attempt at colourwork and I am enjoying them greatly. The join is a little messy but frankly, they make me smile and they’re my first two-stranded project, so I don’t care.

Also on the needles:


Very exciting photo, of course but that is the start of Ysolda’s Coraline, which I’m knitting in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, bought in the John Lewis sales last summer. I’m now past the hem (hooray!) and knitting away at it while watching stuff, so I’m not expecting massively instant progress.

Other plans include a cover for the Kindle I’m buying shortly and some goddamn sewing, instead of suffering from Teh Fear of my machine.

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