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Buttercup bag (or: Look, Ma! I gone sewed something!)

Buttercup bag

Wheeee! One finished Buttercup bag from Made by Rae. It took me awhile – I cut the fabric out ages ago and then failed to do anything with it/succumbed to the Sewing machine Fear – but I decided that I needed to sew it up, so I’ve been working on it slowly over the last week or so, especially when it came to the pleats, and then because I was up early today, I sat down and wrangled the last bits of sewing together etc.

The outer fabric is Tumble Roses in Tangerine (although they’re pink!) from Amy Butler’s Love range and the inner fabric is Gemstone in Sage from Dena Design’s Leanika range, both of which were fat quarters from same bundle I bought from the Fabric Loft as the one I used for the Frankenkindle.

Buttercup bag: lining

I only made one major mistake and even that was fixable – in future, I shall remember to check which side I am putting the magnetic snap before I flatten the legs. But a little bit of wrangling with my pliers reversed that foolish mistake.


2 comments to “Buttercup bag (or: Look, Ma! I gone sewed something!)”

  1. That’s lovely! The pattern is definitely on my list but I don’t think I’m quite at that stage yet.

  2. Thank you, m’dear. It’s not bad a pattern, tbh! The trickiest parts for me were the pleats and sewing the uppers to the pleats – I’m still working on the sewing curves thing!