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Finished items and catching up

I had planned to do some more sewing this weekend – a coin purse to go with my bag – but instead, I ended up doing some object finishing in regards to knitting, which brings me down to one piece on the go and that’s my Coraline.

Which is a good place to start, actually.

Coraline in progress

It’s actually even further along since that photo this morning – the sleeve is now halfway done and I’m finishing the last few rows on the back at the moment. Which will just leave me with the sleeves to do and then it’s the yoke and then I’m laughing (and wearing a v. nice cardi.) Hooray!

The finished objects are:

My Cotton Reel Mittens:

Cotton reel mittens [Rav link to original pattern]

Which are also my first colourwork project. I’m quite pleased with them; my tension stayed fairly even through out, I really like the construction but I do think that next time, I’d probably drop a needle size after the start of the thumb gusset as they’re a bit bigger than I like my fingerless mittens to be.

And a stealth ‘must knit that now!’ project, also Ysolda (I’m knitting from patterns I have at the moment!), the Lee hat.

Lee Hat

Mine was done in Rico Essential Merino Aran, in blue (Jeans) and Natural. The construction of this hat is fantastic (although fiddly at times) but generally worth it! I’ll almost certainly knit it again in other colours.

The sewing will happen, although probably not for a couple of weekends now, as my next two weekends will be spent somewhere other than my flat/sewing machine. But I do plan to do some prep work for them when I’m home.

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