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FO: Crochet Baby Blanket

Granny Square Blanket

About a year ago I learnt to crochet and turned into a lean, mean granny square making machine but then they lurked, quietly in a bag with possible plans to turn them into a lap blanket that never quite happened. Then, a coworker at my old job announced she was pregnant.

I pulled them and the extra yarn out and set about joining the squares up until I could start crocheting around them. And then I just did that, round and round and around at every given moment until I ran out of yarn. And then I wove in all the ends, something that took me so long that I didn’t get a chance to take a blocked photo before I gave it over to my coworker before she went off on maternity.

The yarn is Rowan Handknit Cotton and it took about 9 and half skeins using a 4.5mm hook. The joining method was Carina’s Craftblog: Granny square joining tutorial.

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