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Giant Crochet Blanket of Doom

Giant Crochet blanket: Finished!

I am pleased! As part of my copious free time, I am tackling the WiP pile. The majority of this blanket has been done since November but as I am known for my loathing of weaving in ends, it mostly got used throughout the winter as a computer blanket without the ends being done and thus no border. But, I sat down this month and wove them in and started the border and now it is done, in all its rainbow glory.

The pattern is a basic granny stripe, I used the one from Attic 42 and also the same yarn, which is a Stylecraft special DK, an acrylic (which for a blanket that has already had tea dripped on it, is ideal) as Lucy from attic 42 had organised a colour pack, which was an excellent price, had a lovely selection of colours and arrived really quickly. I set a colour pattern for the first repeat of the 17 colours but once that was done, I just went for random colours, trying to space them out from previous repeats (although I did stick with the dark pink and light blue together).

It is big enough to cover my double bed, I started with 240 chains – using Carina Craft Blog’s no foundation chain tutorial, which frankly, without that, I probably never would have started – and did three repeats of all 17 colours. The border is also from Attic 42, her granny square border as I liked it more than the one she finishes her striped blanket off with. I did it in four different colours but you can only really see three.

I have about 100 yards of each colour left over, aside from the border colours. I did have to by another skein of the final border colour to finish it off. Also, despite being acrylic, this yarn was a joy to work with. Not squeaky and not harsh to the touch, it has a very soft hand. I’ll def. be using it again.

I am very, very pleased with it. :D

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