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Decorated cupcakes

Yesterday I spent a happy afternoon dying my fingers blue helping The Make Lounge do a test run on a new vintage style cupcake decorating class (hooray for Twitter!) and by the end I had slightly blue fingers (damn you, Ice Blue paste dye!), six boxed cupcakes (plus one sacrificial cake that was eaten…) and a far better grasp on decorating with butter-cream and fondant icing. Baking is something I enjoy greatly but fancy decorations have always been something I have struggled with and while I am not going to be churning out astoundingly decorated cakes quite yet, I do at least have a few tricks up my sleeve for the future!

The teacher was the lovely Charlotte from Restoration Cake, who was an utter delight – very clear as a teacher (and very giving with her tips and tricks!) and just lovely. We learnt what you need to do to make fondant icing better for decorations, the best butter for butter-cream (Lurpak unsalted!), how to make fondant bows, buttons (must resist buying all the moulds!) and pearls. Plus, playing with paste dyes and edible iridescence paints and glitters.

I’ve done a couple classes at The Make Lounge before and I have always had a fabulous time, so I can certainly recommend poking about their site and taking one of their classes. And I would definitely recommend this one, once it goes live.

Decorated cupcakes Decorated cupcakes Decorated cupcakes Decorated cupcakes

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