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The above gallery is, as it currently stands, a fascinator I’m making for a wedding at the end of July. We will be camping in Wales for this wedding, which I am sure was a great idea before this “summer” started. I plan to rock the fascinator/welly boot (mine have goldfish on them!) combo with aplomb!

The construction of the fascinator is going quite well – those pictures are the fruits of an evening – although sinamay is definitely something you need a thimble for, once you fold it as it is quite tough to sew through and harsh on the hands. I have yet to bleed on it though, which is is a plus. Next stage, after some gluing to make sure things are secure, will be making frayed “flowers” and a sinamay rose and then I shall be done. Hooray!

Other than that, there’s not been a huge amount of crafting (or blogging…) as about a week after my last post, I was successful in a job interview. It involves relocating from London to Brighton, so when I haven’t been in Brighton at work/learning how stuff goes, I’ve been packing everything in London up to go into storage while t’BF (who lives in Brighton already, albeit in a studio flat) and I flathunt for a flat for the two of us to move into.

It’s knackering and stressful but ultimate worth it, as t’BF and I have lived in different cities since we started dating, almost three years ago. It is also, of course, very sad as Jam (the even quieter half of this blog) and I have been flatmates for over five years now and now we’ve had to go through all our stuff and sort out who owns what – particularly traumatic when it comes to the craft heap…

I’ve got a pair of simple socks on the go and my on-going secret crochet project so I’m not completely craft-bereft, and there is nothing quite like being forced to go through your stash to spark off 18 million possible projects. Although they all have to wait till the relocation has finished, which I am hoping will be by September.

Hopefully, I will return with the final stages of the fascinator and then photos of the finished object, on my head, in Wales (weather permitting!) shortly.

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