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Hare and Tortoise-ing

One of the few advantages to all my stuff being in storage (Not for much longer! New flat located, moving at end of September!) is that I have to work on the few projects I have with me, instead of flitting about casting on new ones. Not that this has stopped me from trawling around Ravelry and plotting future projects, mind!

But it does mean that I have some finished objects! Whoo! And some no longer hibernating WiPs.


Yes! It is my Cherry cardigan, finally creeping off the needles in 2012, having been started in 2009. It spent a year or two sulking in a bag and occasionally being worked on and I’m no longer the size I was when I started it, so it now acts as a swing cardigan. Technically, I finished it in April this year but it took a while to sort the buttons out and actually get photos taken. But it is done! I now do not have a WiP that is earlier than 2012!

One pair of Dead Simple Lace Socks, a pair of toe up socks started back when the packing started so that I had something simple and small (and one less skein of yarn to pack) to work on between throwing my life into boxes. They’re not as long in the cuff as I would do usually because, well, I got bored but they serve well as a pair of indoor socks for wandering around the house in.

The yarn is the 2010 Knitting Goddess’ sock club Halloween shade – not a colourway I’d have chosen myself but the base yarn is lovely.

Works in Progress:

My hare and tortoise gauntlets are back out of hibenation! They had been put aside because I discovered that I’d managed to put 3 and 3.5mm needles on my interchangables, instead of two 3mms. D’oh! There were fears of having to rip out what I had done and I was struggling with the floats (especially at the join.) so they went for a wee nap in their bag. But, thankfully, I discovered that the 3mm needle was the one that did the work, so before I packed everything up, I swapped the 3.5 out for the right size and trundled them back to Brighton with me.

Having finished the socks, I spent some time over the long weekend untangling the yarn and bagging each one separately and picked up where I left off. I was still struggling with the floats but then I saw that Kate recommended turning them inside out. So I did and it has been much easier since. You can see where the tension changes but I don’t really mind and am haring along at a fast pace now. I’m up to the third chart repeat + thumb chart at the moment and I think I’m going to make them fingerless as I don’t have my full set of needles to hand. Gauntlet #2 will be knitted inside out from after the Vikkel braids.

Other than that, my secret blanket project continues onwards after a brief hiatus caused by not wanting to undo/redo some rounds – but I have and it looks much better – and I’ve fallen into the Hexipuff/Beekeeper’s Quilt trap, so use any small amounts of time (lunch time at work, waiting for people in the pub etc.) to construct them. I am aiming for a lap blanket, so I suspect that it will not take me quite as long as if I were going for a double bed sized one! But we shall see!

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