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About Us

About the blog:

Spacecrafty is the shared craft blog of Meg and Jam. They’re both based in UK: London in particular and both enjoy various crafty things, ranging from cooking to knitting with many shiny things in between.

We decided to share the blog because neither of us wanted more than one blog (we’re both on Livejournal) but did want somewhere that was just our crafty stuff so we could join in with knit-a-longs and other such things without the crafty stuff being overwhelmed by everything else. Meg had the domain, the space and the patience to poke WordPress with a stick and lo, Spacecrafty was born!

The people behind the blog:


Meg is an expat South African geek, currently resident in the UK. She learnt to knit again in 2005, shortly before she moved to the Czech Republic for three months. She then spent that three month period accumulating knitted items at a rate of knots and causing a lot of befuddled looks when she knitted in public.

Since starting this blog, Meg has finished two degrees (ahaha, oh gods), one BSc. in Web Content Management and a MSc. in Library and Information Science and grew up to become a Systems Librarian. She can be found balefully lurking in an IT room or behind the enquiry desk at a library somewhere in London.

Meg has been blogging since 1999-ish.


Jam was taught to knit by kindly friends one cold January in Japan. Although this will forever link knitting and kareoke in her mind (making knitting in public an exercise in self-control) she has, nonetheless, kept up with knitting since returning to the UK, with occasional forays into other crafts. She also likes books, food and learning the best way to punch someone in the face.