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Necklaces, oh my!

Beads: Blue, White and Silver Instead of packing, I have been busy experimenting with necklaces and so far, so good!

The one to the left is the most recent one. Silver chain and some lovely blue and white acrylic beads that I picked up on a whim at my local shiny crack dealer bead stall. I’ve got a bunch more in other colours and I’m really quite taken by them. It’s hard to describe and didn’t show up in the photo but they look fairly solid colourwise and then you get one spot that realy catches the light and looks quite pearlesque. The wire cages were also an impulse buy (hell, most of my bead haul this weekend was impulsive…) and I really like them. I’m considering matching earrings but they’ll have to wait till the Saturday market rolls around again.

Beads: Hearts and Chain Necklace This necklace was my first attempt and I really like how it turned out. It’s longer than most of my necklaces are but I’ve decided I like this length. It came about after I went rooting through the pick and mix beads (always my downfall!) and found the first heart. After some poking and sifting, I found a bunch more and the rest was history.

Plus, it’ll go lovely with my camisole, if I ever finish it. The decreases always seem to take longer than the increases but it’s slow and steady and getting there. I got bits of it done today inbeween baking steak and kidney pies for the freezer and brownies from the Green and Black’s Chocolate cookbook (aka: yet another impulse buy from the half-price bookstore of doom.). I have the baking willpower of something very…lacking in willpower.

:resolutely ignores the Brownies lurking in the kichen:

Socks and Shiny Things

I’m back from my heady week of travelling – London and Manchester in the space of one week! It was an enjoyable and successful week. I spent a lot of time at Jam’s where we knitted, cooked and demonstrated our amazing lack of willpower. I may have spent mumblemumble on beads but you can’t prove anything!

I also returned home as a graduate with a conditional job offer to boot! Yes, my BSc (web content management, if you were wondering) is completely and totally done and in September, I start down the road to becoming a Librarian when I grow up, with a year in a very awesome London library before I do my Masters.

But far more important than that! While I was down at Casa Jam, she taught me how to knit socks!

Knitting: Sock

I’m a big fan of circs and magic loop, so she taught me the invisible toe cast on from Knitty and off I went. It’s a toe-up in self-patterning yarn and I ♥ it. The actual sock is almost done now but my camera needs new batteries so it’ll have to wait. I’m all kinds of giddy! There’s one or two flaws but nothing that some darning won’t fix and all in all, it’s looking damn good for a first sock attempt.

Aside from socks, my copy of the Wee Wonderfuls 3-1 put together bear, bunny and kitty book arrived in the post while I was gone and I look forward to trying them out once my needle holder and shoulder bag are brought out of hiatus.

And on the beady side of things, there’s been two birthdays in my circle of family and friends and both of them enjoy earrings, so as part of the year of ‘crafty presents’, I made these.

Earrings: Green and Pearl Earrings: Red and Clear

The green and pearl set were a birthday present for my cousin Jen, who kindly put me up when I wasn’t lurking at Jam’s and the red and clear set went to my flatmate Becky, whose birthday we celebrated along side my graduation this weekend. Both went down a treat.

I have some more plans up my sleeve now, including my first necklace. :rubs hands:

Jonesing for a fix

I’ve been on a slight craft hiatus this week. Family have been visiting so all my crafty things have mostly been packed up to make space for them. The most I’ve managed to do is a couple rounds on my Ravenclaw scarf while travelling to Whitby (rather appropriate as we also went to Goathland, which is better known as being Hogsmeade Station) and finishing off the left front piece to Baby’s First Tattoo.

I did however teach my youngest cousin to knit and she left this morning clutching a somewhat holey swatch with some interesting increases but she knitted it all herself so she’s happy.

She also made cooing noises over The Bead Box of Doom, so I made her these earrings:

Earrings: Pink and Clear

Mostly Czech glass that I brought home from Prague, so definately one of a kind earrings. (at least, till I go back and hope that the shop is still there/still sells them. :g:)

I’m off down to London on Sunday for job interviews and while I’m down, I am meeting up with Jam for knitting and bead shopping, so no doubt there will be a few posts next week revolving around the shininess of the beads and how weak our willpower is.

Although, that said – I went round Bobbins (website seems to be down, boo) in Whitby and did not buy a thing. Not even the tinniest hank of the shiny shiny yarn. This was partly due to the fact that I’d left my wallet in the car, though. :cough:

More Stitchmarkers!

Just to note that these are all for sale, priced at £5 per set plus p&p. I also take commissions, though contact me first for details. The rings are different sizes, so they’re all hanging off a 5.5mm needle to give you an idea of scale.


You ever do that experiment in science where you let the ink run on special paper and separates out into the different pigments?


Round and round and round and round and…

(The stone at bottom is moss agate)

Tiny stitches and vintage beads

I spent a marvelous evening with the lovely ladies of In Stitches, the Hull and surrounding areas knitting group. We consumed drinks and cakes, talked about knitting and mocked some delightfully 1980s era animal motif jumpers.

I did a few repeats on my portable WiP, a Ravenclaw PoA style scarf and then got down to business with the more time consuming WiP, Baby’s First Tattoo. The tiny stitches and I are getting on well but man, knitting in the round spoils me! All the smoothness of stocking stitch and none of the tedious purling. I don’t mind purling though, it’s just the monotony of stocking stitch. At least the bit I’m working on now has a 4 stitch seed stitch border to keep me awake.

WiP: Baby's First Tattoo (back) knitting 063

I also made a set of stitchmarkers out of the beads I reclaimed. These beads came from necklaces given to me by my granmother as a child, so they’re vintage beads with added memories. The black beads are lovely but the necklace itself was horrible, so I’m glad I can reuse them.

I also made a set of earrings for myself out of some lovely greeny-blue beads Jam sent me and some square glass beads I picked up while splurging online. So shiny!

Stitchmarkers: Vintage black and pearl Earrings: Green and Clear

And now to go and consult my camera manual for tips on shooting with the Macro because the stitchmarker shot turned out fabulously but the earrings mocked me. Sigh.

Works in Progress

Yesterday saw me rooting around in the depths of Boyes for fabric. I managed to avoid the bead section in the process because contrary to popular opinion, I do possess an ounce of willpower.

…besides, I cannibalised two old necklaces found while doing a massive ‘sort and throw’ on three years worth of pre-university junk. :cough:

I saw so many pretty fabrics but in the end, I came out with a yard and a half each of these two:

Fabric: Green/Patterned

They’re earmarked to become a needle holder for my straight needles and if there’s enough left over, I plan to make this shoulder bag.

And while my mother and I were in town, we hit the charity stores. La Mere for books, myself for yarn (‘it doesn’t count if it’s for charity.’, she says, eyeing her stash and looking shifty) and other such crafty goodies. I didn’t find any decent yarn but I did find some belt buckles for 10p each in Oxfam. Bargain!


I am considering knitting Belt du Jour from SnBN at some point in the future, so I am sure they’ll come in handy.

And in the afternoon, I was drawn back into the lure of the Bead Box of Doom so here’s the second crop of beady things:

1. Stitchmarkers: Orange Glass 2. Earrings: Green Hearts 3. Stitchmarkers: Blue Rectangles

1. Went to my blogging partner in crime. 2. Were made for my brother’s girlfriend. 3. Made for myself.

I’ve also started my second knitting WiP, Baby’s First Tattoo. First time I’ve knitted with 4ply and oh, the tiny, tiny stitches! But it’s going nicely and I shall photograph it when it looks more impressive than six rows of Moss stitch and an inch of Stocking.


On the basis that everyone is entitled to a little pretentiousness some of the time, I have decided to name my stitchmarkers


Terribly Flash

Purple glass. The good kind.

Mother Nature

(Because it’s sort of like storms and nature and blue and green skies and… and it’s probably a good thing I never did a rosarch test.)


Yes, in French, because there’s no point being pretentious by halves.

Sparkly Space Glitterballs!

At some point, I’m going to have to think about how to sell these, because really, there’s only so many I can use, but no limit on how many I want to make.

Beads, glorious beads!

My newest crafty addiction is beadwork. I’ve just invested in a box with many compartments and spent a happy couple of hours sorting beads by colour.

Bead Box II

That is my Bead Box. I think — no, actually, I know — that it harbours thoughts of world domination. They’re so shiny. So addictive. So…crack cocaine like! I can’t just buy some, I have to buy lots! In fact, the postman bought me more this morning. /sheepish.

And this afternoon I found, lurking in the depths of the crafty Aladdin’s cave that is Boyes, these:

Tubes of Mixed Beads Tubes of Mixed Beads II

Tubes of assorted beads. Some of different shaped/sized lustre glass and the others are a mix of seed and larger pearls in similar shades. I was remarkably restrained. And now I get to spend some time sorting the seed beads out from all the other beads.

At the moment, I turn my beads into earrings and stitchmarkers. I harbour plans to move onto necklace and bracelet designs. Obviously, this blog will be the first place they appear.

First crop of beadwork:

1. Stitchmarkers: Wooden Squares 2. Stitchmarkers: Dark Green 3. Stitchmarkers: Pale Green 4. Earrings: blue

1. Were made for the lovely Anatsuno.
2. Went into a package for Oscarcat
3. Have found a new home with Katie
4. My current set of in-ear earrings. :g: