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Homemade Laundry Powder

I have been experimenting with making my own laundry powder as the ecoballs I use for my normal wash are great but can only be used up to a certain temperature and I like to wash sheets and towels on a hot wash, which means using commercial laundry detergent. I am not fond of using that though as they’re often overpoweringly scented (plus additional chemicals, eek!) so I did some googling and after reading a bunch of recipes, the following is the recipe for laundry powder that I’ve used.

1 bar of Laundry soap (I got Sunlight soap from the lovely Utility in Brighton but any laundry soap bar should work – some people use Ivory soap)
225g of Borax (I got mine at Unpackaged, which is where I get most of my cleaning stuff from – I’m a big bicarb/vinegar fan!)
225g of Washing Soda (I actually got this at Sainsbury’s but Unpackaged has it too!)

(Optional: a couple drops essential oil is often suggested but I didn’t add any as the Sunlight has a lemon scent already)

Cheap grater (to avoid any cheese/soap mishaps!)
Large jar (I used a 1.1l one from Ikea)

Grate the laundry soap – I used the medium side and watched a film while doing it – and then mix the grated soap, the borax and the washing soda together well in a bowl and then decant into the jar.

Et voila! Laundry powder. I’ve tried it out on a load of sheets/duvets and a load of face cloths. They came out clean and with a faint lemon scent (from the Sunlight soap – it has already faded from the towels) and not crunchy – although I did also put a glug of white vinegar in the machine as a fabric softener – so I am pretty pleased with it. I use about 1 tbsp per wash but nothing was particular filthy, so I’d probably use maybe a tbsp more in that case.

Yes, I am knitting my own yogurt, why do you ask? ;)