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Return of Fascinator

And there we are, the finished fascinator. It did end up with a few tiny bloodstains as it turns out that sinamay is quite sharp when you’ve frayed it. It even survived the trip to and from Wales and we were very lucky with the weather. The wedding, btw, was lovely and involved an outdoor structure built and designed by the groom’s younger sister (an architect) and each table had a different theme, designed by one of the people seated on it. There was an excellent spider themed one (the bride likes spiders; thankfully I didn’t have to sit at that one!), a pictionary themed one, one with origami napkins with people’s names embroidered on them as placemarkers and so on, lots of lovely handmade and crafty touches from everyone involved!

ps. not sure why there are huge blocks of empty space in entries. Trying to sort that out now…


The above gallery is, as it currently stands, a fascinator I’m making for a wedding at the end of July. We will be camping in Wales for this wedding, which I am sure was a great idea before this “summer” started. I plan to rock the fascinator/welly boot (mine have goldfish on them!) combo with aplomb!

The construction of the fascinator is going quite well – those pictures are the fruits of an evening – although sinamay is definitely something you need a thimble for, once you fold it as it is quite tough to sew through and harsh on the hands. I have yet to bleed on it though, which is is a plus. Next stage, after some gluing to make sure things are secure, will be making frayed “flowers” and a sinamay rose and then I shall be done. Hooray!

Other than that, there’s not been a huge amount of crafting (or blogging…) as about a week after my last post, I was successful in a job interview. It involves relocating from London to Brighton, so when I haven’t been in Brighton at work/learning how stuff goes, I’ve been packing everything in London up to go into storage while t’BF (who lives in Brighton already, albeit in a studio flat) and I flathunt for a flat for the two of us to move into.

It’s knackering and stressful but ultimate worth it, as t’BF and I have lived in different cities since we started dating, almost three years ago. It is also, of course, very sad as Jam (the even quieter half of this blog) and I have been flatmates for over five years now and now we’ve had to go through all our stuff and sort out who owns what – particularly traumatic when it comes to the craft heap…

I’ve got a pair of simple socks on the go and my on-going secret crochet project so I’m not completely craft-bereft, and there is nothing quite like being forced to go through your stash to spark off 18 million possible projects. Although they all have to wait till the relocation has finished, which I am hoping will be by September.

Hopefully, I will return with the final stages of the fascinator and then photos of the finished object, on my head, in Wales (weather permitting!) shortly.

Buttercup bag (or: Look, Ma! I gone sewed something!)

Buttercup bag

Wheeee! One finished Buttercup bag from Made by Rae. It took me awhile – I cut the fabric out ages ago and then failed to do anything with it/succumbed to the Sewing machine Fear – but I decided that I needed to sew it up, so I’ve been working on it slowly over the last week or so, especially when it came to the pleats, and then because I was up early today, I sat down and wrangled the last bits of sewing together etc.

The outer fabric is Tumble Roses in Tangerine (although they’re pink!) from Amy Butler’s Love range and the inner fabric is Gemstone in Sage from Dena Design’s Leanika range, both of which were fat quarters from same bundle I bought from the Fabric Loft as the one I used for the Frankenkindle.

Buttercup bag: lining

I only made one major mistake and even that was fixable – in future, I shall remember to check which side I am putting the magnetic snap before I flatten the legs. But a little bit of wrangling with my pliers reversed that foolish mistake.


Kindle Frankencover

Well, don’t get used to this much updating but I’m back, with another post!

Yesterday I bought a Kindle, which wasn’t strictly planned but serendipity has its own ways and means and had settled this for me last week. So it wasn’t like I didn’t know it was going to happen and could thus make plans.

Now, Kindles are small. Tiny, even. Lightweight and utterly terrifying to contemplate it sliding around in my handbag unprotected. Kindle covers however, have their own pitfalls, esp. the official ones, also, they’re boring. Boooorrrrriiiing!

So, here is Frankencover, my own monster which started life as Chica & Jo’s Custom cover and ended up, with a little bit of ‘oops!’/mother of invention slightly off pattern.

Kindle cover: tied up with a bow

The main change to the pattern was that I ran out of material before I could fit the final two pieces of card in the tube, a combination of slightly suspect measuring (I don’t do imperial and there’s always the possibility of oops when converting) and not being able to sew as close to the card as I should have. So, I folded over the end of the tube/flap and hemmed it with enough space to fit some ribbon through as a decorative but also mostly functional bow. The main security is provided by the elastic, which I flipped around to the other side of the tube when I realised that I was going to have to wander into the land of necessity.

It doesn’t stand up as the Chica and Jo pattern does but it protects my Kindle and gives me something to hold while reading. There’s a couple things to fix still – I may well change the ribbon and when I do/decide to leave it, I’ll do a couple quick lines of stitches to hold the ribbon firmly in the tube and the threads need a bit of tidying up.

The card is greycard which I bought a large A5-ish sized sheet of from Cass Arts and the fabric is a fat-quarter I got in this bundle from Fabric Loft. The ribbon was leftovers from the hen party I held last year with the lovely makedomenders for my best friend.


Kindle cover: unfolded.

Back view:

Kindle cover: back view

Steampunked New Year


I started 2010 with a bang. That’s the costume I made for the New Year’s party I attended. And when I say made, I mean, I sewed that skirt! Oh yes! The week before Christmas saw me back with my family, hunched over my mom’s elderly sewing machine making the occasional squawky noise and being watched by my mother. But in the end there it was, a skirt in taffeta with channels for ruching up one side with ribbon, a zip and the the most annoying to make but awesome once attached ruffle.

I also made the fascinator and the goggles I wore and my ray gun. The one I’m holding in the photo was made for me by my other half for Christmas and is amazing but not something I wanted to take out on a evening, so I spent an entertaining afternoon sticking masking tape on a water pistol and then there was fun times with spray paint. In fact, masking tape featured heavily as my goggles involved heavy amounts of it as well.

goggles in progress Steampunk goggles raygun

2010 is the year I do far more sewing. My sewing class starts next week and I’m rather looking forward to it. The other plan for 2010 is to knit my damn stash. I fear it slightly but there we are, it must be done. I’m going to do another post about what I have knitted in 2009, what I have to knit and what patterns I want to knit in 2010.

[Meg] Buttons and pins

I went for a wander today, down to the V&A, which is my favourite of the London museums and I’m very lucky to live close to it. I was mostly hunting for presents for a couple upcoming birthdays because the V&A store has so many lovely and unusual things in it. I managed to find both the presents and some items that had strangely attached themselves to my shopping. I just had to take them home, of course and tip them into a jar.

I’m particularly fond of the sewing themed buttons and the crayon buttons but the teeny, tiny buttons are also high up there.

Pin Cushion

The rest of my afternoon was taken up with a walk through Hyde Park, the purchasing of an ironing board (haaaaaaaa!), which required me to walk home with it clutched under one arm and then some time spent at my sewing machine, getting some more practice in, particularly in regards to seams and the straightness thereof. I have signed up for a sewing course in January, so I want to be far more comfortable with sewing by then than I am now.

Out of my practising came a useful item though. It’s a pincushion, the pattern (in so much that there is one) comes from Diana Rupp’s Sew Everything, which Jam brought me awhile ago. It’s a very helpful book and I am looking forward to making quite a few of the patterns with my shiny new pincushion by my side!

Knitting wise, I am alllllmoooost finished my Cherry (by Anna Bell), just one and bit sleeves and the ribbing to go. I have also signed up for the Knitting Goddess’ sock club after Sadie linked to it (I am so weeeaaaaak!), so I am looking forward to getting squashy parcels through the post soon.

Blast from the craft past

I’m about to dash down to London again, this time for flathunting (aieeee!) and and Jam is currently bound for Sweden for a week, so there will be silence here for a wee bit.

But I leave you with something I found while sorting boxes: a blast from my crafty past.

Sewing: Sunflower Cushion (front)

Carefully sewn together – complete with terrible hand sewing after stuffing – at Primary school in South Africa, in Arts and Crafts. There’s a small treasure trove of this sort of stuff in boxes somewhere, from another cusion that was much beloved of my first cat to a skirt that I repeatedly sewed to myself (don’t ask) in Home Ec in Ireland.

I like this cushion still, the pattern on the material is lovely (the back is the solid sunflower material) and I have added it to the cushions on my bed.

Works in Progress

Yesterday saw me rooting around in the depths of Boyes for fabric. I managed to avoid the bead section in the process because contrary to popular opinion, I do possess an ounce of willpower.

…besides, I cannibalised two old necklaces found while doing a massive ‘sort and throw’ on three years worth of pre-university junk. :cough:

I saw so many pretty fabrics but in the end, I came out with a yard and a half each of these two:

Fabric: Green/Patterned

They’re earmarked to become a needle holder for my straight needles and if there’s enough left over, I plan to make this shoulder bag.

And while my mother and I were in town, we hit the charity stores. La Mere for books, myself for yarn (‘it doesn’t count if it’s for charity.’, she says, eyeing her stash and looking shifty) and other such crafty goodies. I didn’t find any decent yarn but I did find some belt buckles for 10p each in Oxfam. Bargain!


I am considering knitting Belt du Jour from SnBN at some point in the future, so I am sure they’ll come in handy.

And in the afternoon, I was drawn back into the lure of the Bead Box of Doom so here’s the second crop of beady things:

1. Stitchmarkers: Orange Glass 2. Earrings: Green Hearts 3. Stitchmarkers: Blue Rectangles

1. Went to my blogging partner in crime. 2. Were made for my brother’s girlfriend. 3. Made for myself.

I’ve also started my second knitting WiP, Baby’s First Tattoo. First time I’ve knitted with 4ply and oh, the tiny, tiny stitches! But it’s going nicely and I shall photograph it when it looks more impressive than six rows of Moss stitch and an inch of Stocking.