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A nice cup of tea and a sit down


I’m at an awkward stage of crafting with too many things that can’t be photographed until they’re done or less piecemeal but I have spent a couple happy hours over the last weekend making the above cross-stitch. (It’s from Crosstitcher 239). I am not yet sure what I shall do with it – maybe make it into a teabag holder or frame it. But it does make me smile!

You’ll have to excuse the briefness of this post but I original wrote it through the flickr interface and then promptly lost it. And lunch hour waits for no crafter.

FO: Coraline plus xstitch


My Coraline [Rav link] is done! Hooray! I took advantage of my current copious amounts of free time and the recent sunshine to sit down and knit a lot. The end result being that after some disgruntled cable needle wrangling (I hate cable needles and normally do cabling without one but the smocking required it) I started the smocking yoke and finished it in fairly short order. Then, I blocked it and let it dry (took forever!) and then after a couple attempts at the sewn button loops, I gave up and did self-yarn crochet chain loops using a 2mm hook. About 7 chains for each loop and then reinforced with the sewn in ends.

And, when I haven’t been knitting like a crafty lizard in the sun, I’ve been cross-stitching. Which is probably my original gateway craft. I have picked it up and put it down multiple times over the years but very much am back in the mood for it. I’ve got a plan for some geeky charts brewing but while I work on those ideas, I’ve done some small pieces.

Lovebirds Bits and Bobs

The Lovebirds is a mirror case that came as the free gift with Cross-Stitcher Issue 237 with a few tiny modifications and the other thing is a felt envelope that I made for my Hivemind so she has somewhere to store loose bits and bobs (heh) while she’s stitching – I may have helped get her hooked at the Stitch and Craft show, mwhahahaha! – and uses the chart that came with issue 239 of Cross-stitcher for the label.

Not yet photographed, because I haven’t assembled it yet, is the pincushion from Issue 238. Heh. Must get on with assembling it as it would be trĂ©s useful while I am stitching (oddly…)