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Knit net bag by jam

So, I had this rough silk yarn that I wasn’t massively fond of, but didn’t really know what to do with. There wasn’t enough to make anything big, nor so little you can use it as waste yarn, just an awkward amount.

So I figured, hey! Why not trying making a knit net bag. So I did.

It’s just a grocery bag, but it is a good way of using up awkward yarn, particularly if it doesn’t have any stretch in it (cotton or silk).

The pattern is pretty adaptable, so I will be giving general instructions. It’s knit in the round on needles maybe 1-2 cm bigger than the suggested. The instructions are designed with my avoid-sewing-at-all-costs tendency, so they maybe look more complicated than they are.

How the bag actually looks:

Net pattern is a multiple of 2:

R1: (sl1, yo, k1, pass slipped stitch over the [yo, k1], then yo) til the end of the row
R2: (k2, then drop the yo off the needle without knitting) til the end of the row

Close-up of the lace:

Use whatever double-sided, toe-up cast on you like (I like the Turkish Cast-On best), CO 20 on each needle.
knit one round
[k1, kf&b] for next round
then knit four rows of stocking stitch, 4 rows of pattern until the bag is as long as you’d like.

Strap: this is knit to be wider at the shoulder, so it doesn’t dig in as much. It’s worked in garter stitch

k to about [halfway -4] on one side. The next 8 stitches are for the strap. Knit 8, then turn over and knit the second row and so on, until the strap is about 30cm long.
Next row: [kf&b, k] to end of the row
Next row: knit
Next row: [kf&b, k] to end of the row

Knit about 12 rows
Next row: [k1, k2tog, k1, ssk] to end of row
Next row: knit
Next row: [k1, k2tog, k1, ssk] to end of row
If you have to, tweak it to end up with 8 stitches.
knit for 30 rows

You’ve reached the end of the strap. Break the thread, put the 8 stitches on a spare dpn.

Go back to the start of strap, then knit around from there to where you want the loose end of the strap to join, then k2tog made up of [1 stitch from the bag] + [1 stitch from the strap] for the next 8 stitches. K to the end of the row.

Cast off.

And that’s it! Very easy, adaptable to virtually every yarn. I crocheted a couple of ties to hold the bag together, but you could put a button in or something, if you liked.

Any problems or queries, let me know, and if anyone has a bash at this bag themself, I’d be interested in pictures of the finished work.