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Shadow (of the bat) knitting

This was the first thing I ever made which I designed myself. The design is based on the Batman Beyond logo. I relied heavily on Louise for helping me getting the design on to paper and general advice.

Shadow knitting: General notes, how to design your own and my original design.

    General notes

Illusion or shadow knitting is pretty simple. Basically, you have two colours, one for the pattern and one for the background (red and black in this case), which are knitted in two row stripes. The background (black) is raised garter-stitch, and the pattern colour (red) is flat outside the motif, and switched around (background colour flat stockinette, pattern colour) on the motif.

This means that when you look at it straight on, you see red and black stripes:

Long view:

Close up

but when you look at it from an angle, you’ll see the red, raised motif, and the black raised around it:

You can see the negative of the motif pretty clearly on the wrong side.

    How to design your own:

First, knit a test square with the yarn you’ll be using so you can work out the tension. Then you can use this site to print out some actual size graph paper.

Choose the design you want to do, then draw or print it out the actual size you want on to the graph paper, like this:
Now, you can fiddle with your graph so it’s visually clear to you. Remember, you are changing colour every two rows.



Background colour: knit r.s. and w.s. outside the design and knit r.s., purl w.s. inside the design

Garter stitch outside the design, so every even row appears raised (purl), stocking inside the design so it looks flat.

Design colour (contrasting colour): knit on r.s. and purl on r.s. outside the design, knit on r.s. and purl on w.s. inside the design.

Stocking stitch outside the design (so it looks flat) and
garter stitch (every even row appears raised or purl) inside the design.

Close up on legend:

    Instruction for my specific scarf.

Please note, this was designed using a different chart which is long since lost. All I have left are my old written instructions and the scarf itself.

This was made using Spectre Modem 100% wool, red and black, 80m/40g and japanese size 8 bamboo needles. It’s all springy when you touch it!.

Change colour after every two rows. All odd rows are knit, so the pattern is [Row 1] black, knit 40, [Row 2, black] knit 4, purl 1, knit 35, [Row 3, red], knit 40, [Row 4, red] purl 4, knit 2, purl 34, [Row 5, black] knit 40, etc. Because I can’t be bothered to type out “k40” 90 times, just take that as read for the odd rows.

All bold rows are red.

C0 40, black


2. K4, P1, K35
4. P4, K2, P34
6. K5, P2, K33
8. P5, K3, P32
10. K5, P4, K31
12. P6, K5, P29
14. K6, P8, K26
16. P6, K10, P24
18. K6, P10, K24
20. P7, K9, P24
22. K8, P11, K21
24. P8, K13, P18
26. K10, P12, K18
28. P12, K12, P16
30. K14, P11, K15
32. P15, K11, P14
34. K17, P9, K14
36. P18, K9. P13
38. K19, P9, K12
40. P20, K9, P11
42. K20, P10, K10
44. P13, K17, P10
46. K16, P18, K6
48. P16, K20, P4
50. K16, P18, K6
52. P13, K17,P10
54. K20, P10, K10
56. P20, K9, P11
58. K19, P9, K12
60. P18, K9, P18
62. K17, P9, K14
64. P15, K11, P14
66. K14, P11, K15
68. P12, K12, P16
70. K10, P12, K18
72. P8, K13 P18
74. K8, P11, K21
76. P7, K9, P24
78. K6, P10, K24
80. P6, K10, P24
82. K6, P8, K26
84. P6, K5, P29
86. K5, P4, K31
88. P5, K3, P32
90. K5, P2, K33
92. P4, K2, P34
94. K4, P1, K35