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Whitewater wristwarmers (reposted from magknits by Jam)

White-water wrist-warmers


UPDATE: Ziarah has charted the lace pattern and is very kindly sharing that here.

Silk is lovely to knit with, except for how it isn’t. It’s soft, it slips through the fingers nicely… and it’s just not as stretchy or as easy as wool is. This pattern for wrist warmers is a good way of starting off on silk. The main lace pattern is bias with some cabling, making the knit tighter and clingier than it would otherwise. For the same reason, instead of regular stocking stitch, the ribbing, thumb and knuckles are knit through the back of the loop.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Materials needed:
2 balls Debbi Bliss Pure Silk.
5 dp 2.5mm needles (or a 2.5mm, 80cm circular if using magic loop).
Yarn substitutes: Any sockweight or reasonably light yarn.
Sizes: One size fits all
Gauge: 34 rows, 28 stitches/10 cm in pattern stitch.

Special stitch instructions
C4F = Slip two on to cable needle, hold in front, knit next two stitches, then knit two from cable needle
C4B = Slip two on to cable needle, hold behind, knit next two stitches, then knit two from cable needle.
SKP = Slip stitch as if to knit, knit one, pass slipped stitch over
KTBL = Knit through back of the loop
M1 = make new stitch. Knit to where you want to increase, pick up the bar that lies under the stitch, pull it through the stitch and over the needle, then knit this, then the starter stitch.
SM = slip marker

White-water lace pattern:
Row 1: p1, k6
Row 2: p1, skp, k4, yo
Row 3: p1, skp, k3, yo, k1
Row 4: p1, skp, k2, yo, k2
Row 5: p1, skp, k1, yo, k3
Row 6: p1, skp, yo, k4
Row 7: p1, k6
Row 8 p1, k2, c4b
Row 9: p1, k6
Row 10: P1, yo, k4, k2tog
Row 11: p1, k1, yo, k3, k2tog
Row 12: p1, k2, yo, k2, k2tog
Row 13: p1, k3, yo, k1, k2tog
Row 14: p1, k4, yo, k2tog
Row 15: p1, k6
Row 16: p1, c4f, k2

You can find a chart for the lace pattern written up by Ziarah over here.


    CO 56 stitches. Divide evenly between 4 dpn (14 on each needle). If using one long circular, divide evenly, 28 on each half of the circular.


Rows 1-11: (k1tbl, p1) repeat for 11 rounds.
Next row: Knit row 1 of pattern (NOTE: each row contains 8 pattern repeats)

Continuing knitting in pattern until you have completed the white-water lace pattern (rows 1-16) twice.

Thumb gusset

Next row
Knit in pattern for four repeats, pm, m1, m1, pm, knit in pattern. (58 stitches, 56 in pattern and 2 between the markers)
*Next row: Knit in pattern, BUT knit stitches between the markers through back loop.
Next row: Knit in pattern for 4 repeats, sm, m1, ktbl to 1 before marker, m1, ktbl, sm, knit in pattern*

Repeat these rows until you have 18 stitches between the markers and have finished one full pattern set. Remember, all stitches between the markers are ktbl.

Next row: Knit in pattern (as Row 1) to marker, sm, ktbl 18, sm, knit in pattern to end of the row.

Next row: Knit in pattern to marker (Row 2), BO 18 stitches, knit in pattern to the end of the row.

At this point, you should be on Row 3 of the pattern. Continue knitting each row in pattern until you are at Row 7 of pattern.

To finish: ktbl for all stitches for the next 6 rows, then BO all stitches. Weave in ends. It is not necessary to block, since the pattern will stretch out when worn.